At the London Home Brewing Company, we believe that everyone should be able to get homebrewing their own beer and win quickly and easily. Homebrew has come a long way since the 70s. The old style kits that tasted dubious at best are now a thing of the past. Changes in technology have helped companies such as Muntons and Woodforde's produce beer kits that contain everything you need to make a great tasting beer without compromising on taste and finish. We're dedicated to providing clear and concise advice to get you started too.

If you want to make your own beer or wine for the first time, then take a look at our range of starter kits that contain all the re-usable homebrew equipment you'll need. You can take a look at our how to homebrew guide too. If you've been brewing for a while, then take a peek at our full range of homebrew kits and accessories and get in touch with your own brews and recipes - we'd love to hear from you.